Sign is #2 from the from the 2023 AP Computer Science A Free Response problems.

Sign class

public class Sign
    private String message;
    private int lineWidth;
    public Sign(String message, int lineWidth)
        this.message = message;
        this.lineWidth = lineWidth;
    public int numberOfLines()
        int lines = message.length() / lineWidth;
        if(message.length() % lineWidth > 0)
        return lines;
    public String getLines()
        if(message.length() == 0)
            return null;
        String lines = "";
        String messageRemaining = message;
        while(messageRemaining.length() > lineWidth)
            lines += messageRemaining.substring(0, lineWidth);
            lines += ";";
            messageRemaining = messageRemaining.substring(lineWidth);
        lines += messageRemaining;
        return lines;

As an alternative to storing message and lineWidth, it is possible to store the number of lines and the String representing the formatted lines.

See Class writing order for a technique to respond to AP CS FR that request an entire class.

See Strings on the AP CS A Exam for detailed examples of calls to substring.

Java files with test code includes JUnit test code with the examples from the problem.

2023 AP CS Exam Free Response Solutions


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